The luxury label Inès & Maréchal specializes in lambskin, leather and enjoys international success. Their luxurious and noticeably different designs are very current: They are cut in a fluid, relaxed style that has become the signature of the brand. Their clothes transition effortlessly for different occasions and are easy to accessorize and personalize.

“Fashion is a question of proportions”, believes Inès Maréchal, who founded the label in 2000 with Alain Maréchal. She handles design, whilst Alain, an expert Paris negociant, is responsible for implementing them.
With their eponymous label, Inès and Alain Maréchal have revolutionized traditional design. It was a conscious decision not to have their collection be ostentatious status symbols, but rather be in sync with contemporary styles that would cater to a younger, stylish clientele – Fun being the unofficial by-line of the brand. The collections of Inès & Maréchal often include materials like lambskin, printed calfskin, etc. juxtaposed with fine Italian leather and wool. Inès Maréchal has developed signature techniques to work these materials to avoid a too-voluminous look to her coats. Each season her thoughtful choice of lining for her designs in fabrics like silk complement the brands signature style.

Inès & Maréchal places great importance on quality and use only the finest materials. In the Paris studios of Inès & Maréchal, all of the label’s pieces are created using traditional craftsmanship – handmade workmanship which values everything we do to a friendly environment – with zero pollution production, to a sustainable future and a better home planet.